The anatomy of a connector


When you add or update a connector, information and options are shown within two tabs:

Connector summary

The connector summary tab shows the current status of the connector, together with snapshot sync/transaction totals and a list of failed syncs:

Connector status

The current status of a connector is displayed at the top of the summary tab:
Behind the scenes, Patchworks is checking if connectors are operational - i.e. that the associated system can be reached and authenticated using the details provided. Possible statuses are:
Connector Operational
The system can be reached and authenticated with the details provided.
System Unreachable
The URL provided for this connector cannot be reached.
Failed Authentication
Authentication cannot be completed using the details provided.

Connector settings

The connector settings tab is used to view/update general settings for the connector (name, time zone and date format). It also includes a credentials panel - these details will vary, depending on the associated system:

Updating connector credentials

If your authentication credentials ever change for a system, you can update them here.
You only need to update your single connector - any change will be picked up by all services that are configured to use this connector as a source or destination.