When a process flow runs, the payload for received data flows through to subsequent steps. In a straightforward scenario we pull data from one connection, then perhaps apply filters and/or scripts before mapping/transforming data fields and finally pushing the payload into a target connection. This is a very linear example - we start with a payload and it flows all the way through to completion.

However, more complex scenarios might need to use a payload that was generated several steps previously, or even from a different process flow. This is where the add to cache and load from cache shapes come in.

Wherever you place an add to cache shape shape in a process flow, it will cache (i.e. store a copy of) the payload as it stands at that point in the process flow. You can then use a load from cache shape to reference this payload elsewhere in the same process flow and/or in other process flows for your organisation (depending on how the add to cache shape is configured).


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