Adding & managing company profile banners

This is preview documentation for a feature that is scheduled for an upcoming release.


If your Patchworks account is associated with an admin role, you can add a message to be displayed as a dashboard banner. All users associated with your company profile will see this banner when they access the dashboard:

Message text is added and managed via your company profile page.

Need to know

  • Only admin role users can add/manage message text.

  • Banner text persists until the message is removed from your company profile.

Adding a banner message

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard and access your company profile.

If you manage linked companies, make sure that you are switched into the company profile that you want to update.

Step 2 In the top general section, add required message text to the banner field:

Step 3 Save changes. Your banner is displayed immediately.

Managing an existing banner

  • To amend the text displayed in a current banner, simply change the banner field text as needed and save changes. The banner updates as soon your updates are saved.

  • To remove a banner, clear all text from the banner field and save changes. The banner is cleared as soon as this change is saved.

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