The notification centre


When you install apps or process flows from the marketplace, the installation 'job' is added to a queue for completion. When the job is completed, a notification is added to your notification centre. The number of unread notifications is shown on the notification centre icon - from here you can view messages, navigate to associated resources (where applicable), or clear notifications.

Accessing your notifications

The notifications icon is always available from the information bar at the top of the Patchworks dashboard, showing the number of unread notifications:

Click this icon to view all pending notifications:

Accessing resources from notifications

Some notifications are clickable, and can be used to navigate directly to the installed resource. For example, clicking the link for a process flow navigates to that process flow in edit mode, so you can complete any post-installation setup steps required:

When you select a notification and navigate to the resource, that notification is cleared automatically.

Clearing notifications

To clear all notifications in the list, use the 'trash' icon at the very top - for example:

To clear a single notification, use the 'delete' icon associated with that entry - for example:

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