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Core release notes


If you use process flows to sync data, the underlying architecture for your system is Core. All Core releases are summarised below.

Release summary

Introducing apps, an all-new marketplace, and more.
Introducing multi-company support, Postman importer, and more.
Enhancements to run logs, cache maintenance, and more.
Introducing the de-dupe shape, and more.
Introducing the scripts marketplace, cache maintenance, and more.
Duplicate process flows between company profiles, and more.
Introducing an all-new process flow home page, email alerts for process flow run failures, and more.
New run logs and webhook enhancements.
Payload variable support for cache shapes, and more.
New cache shapes, flow variables, and more.
New layout for the company profile form.
Multi-language support, view multiple payloads, and more.
Introducing webhook support for process flow triggers, pre & post request scripts for connector builder authentication methods, and more.
Multi-language support, variables & parameters from incoming payload, enhanced real-time process flow logs, and more.
Launch of new Core features - process flows, marketplace, and connector builder.