What is Patchworks?


Patchworks is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Our secure, multi-language, cloud-based platform allows you to automate the flow of data between your company’s business-critical systems/applications in a smart, intuitive way.

In today's market, businesses can pick and mix from best-of-breed applications to tackle specific goals...perhaps an eCommerce application for sales order processing; an ERP system for records management; a warehouse management system to maintain inventory and a CRM for relationship management and marketing.

On their own, these applications fulfil their individual requirements perfectly. However, the key to real strategic advantage is integration - establishing a frictionless exchange of data between all of your applications, in a smart way.

Your centralised systems hub

Historically, many businesses have gone down the API route to integrate systems - building and maintaining direct APIs in-house. This can be a costly exercise carrying an administrative burden, and a potential drain on resources - assuming you have the resources in the first place.

In contrast, Patchworks provides a cost-efficient way to streamline your operations via one, centralised platform - your integrations hub, if you will. Using our intuitive dashboard, you can add, manage and orchestrate your integrations with complete peace of mind when it comes to security and scalability.

Self-serve integrations with process flows

Patchworks is an incredibly powerful no-code/low-code platform with everything you need to add and manage your integrations.

We know that integration requirements are often highly complex and a real challenge for customers - but we don't think the solution should be. A huge amount of thought has gone into making our no-code/low-code dashboard as smart and user-friendly as we can.

Using click-and-drop process flows with automated shapes and an impressive library of prebuilt connectors (in the Patchworks marketplace), you can create powerful data flows, in a matter of minutes. You can adjust default field mappings and transformations as needed, trigger syncs, watch syncs run in real-time, view historical data, and troubleshoot issues - all without a single line of code.

Connector builder

With Patchworks, you can configure and connect any of our prebuilt connectors in process flows.

But what if we don't have a prebuilt connector for an application that you need to sync? Maybe you have a bespoke, in-house system - or perhaps you want to integrate an application that's completely outside of the eCommerce arena. No problem - the Patchworks connector builder is your new best friend!

If you have technical knowledge of APIs and working with data structures, you can use the connector builder to integrate any application with REST or SOAP APIs.

Developer hub

Speaking of technical expertise...

'Out of the box', Patchworks includes everything you need to manipulate and then exchange data securely between different third-party applications, securely and intuitively. However, for users with in-house development expertise and more complex requirements, advanced tools are available that you can use to take your integrations to the next level:

  • Use the Patchworks API to build against Patchworks from third-party systems and interact with your Patchworks process flows or services.

  • Custom scripting can be used at the field level (to build highly complex transformations for mapping individual fields) and at the payload level, so you can manipulate an entire payload before it is sent to the next element of your process flow.

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