Submitting a connector to the public marketplace

If you would like to create a connector and submit it for review to be added to the public connector marketplace, we have outlined the following submission guide to ensure a high standard.


This document outlines the approval process for developers submitting public connectors for inclusion in the [Public Marketplace]. The [Public Marketplace] is a platform where users can discover, install, and use various pre-built connectors to accelerate the onboarding process. For in-depth guides on how to build a connector, please see our connector builder page:

For a demonstration video of our connector builder, watch our CEO Jim Herbert build a connector in under 5 minutes:

Submission Requirements

If you are a developer seeking to submit a public connector for inclusion in the [Public Marketplace], you must ensure that their connector meets the following requirements.

Submission Process

The submission process for public connectors consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Declaration of intent

Before the development of the connector commences, you are encouraged to submit in writing (to your partner manager) the following details on any connector(s) you intend to create.

Step 2: Pre-submission review

Before submitting a connector for approval, you are encouraged to conduct a thorough review of your connector to ensure it meets all requirements outlined above.

This includes testing the connector for functionality, performance, and security.

Step 3: Connector submission

Once the connector is ready, you can submit it via your account manager. The submission should include the following:

  • Documentation and user guides (if required)

  • Screenshots or demo videos (if applicable)

  • Contact information for the developer or support team

Step 4: Review meeting

Once the connector and associated information are submitted, the [Public Marketplace] team will schedule a review meeting with the developers. During this meeting, you should be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate working flows by showing data transmission between source and destination endpoints.

  • Review any scripts or custom components used in the connector authentication & endpoints.

Post-approval responsibilities

After a connector is approved and listed in the [Public Marketplace], you have certain responsibilities to maintain the connectors quality and compliance.


The approval process outlined above is designed to ensure that public connectors included in the [Public Marketplace] meet our high standards for quality, functionality, and security. By following this process and meeting our submission requirements, you can contribute to a vibrant ecosystem of third-party apps that enhance the user experience on the Patchworks platform.

For further information or assistance with the connector submission process, please refer to the [Public Marketplace] developer documentation or contact the [Public Marketplace] support team.

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