Connector variables


The connector variables tab displays any instance-level, shared variables that you defined in Step 2: connector variables - for example:

Using a connector variable in your authentication method

If you want to use any of these variables in this authentication method, click the use button:

This copies the variable into the auth variables tab - for example:

From here, the variable is treated like any other auth variable - you will need to set options to determine if/how this variable is displayed to users, and how any values for it should be passed in API requests for authentication.

Removing a connector variable from auth variables

If you choose to use a connector variable- i.e. to copy it to the auth variables tab - but later change your mind - you can remove it by clicking the associated trash icon on the auth variables tab - for example:

This clears the connector variable from the auth variables tab but the original 'shared' connector variable remains available for future use.

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