Last word transform function


The last word transform function is used to extract the last word of an incoming string value, based on a user-defined delimiter. For example, you might have product data in a string:


...and need to extract just the last item in the string for pushing to the destination system:


In this case, items in our source string value are delimited with a comma, so we can use this to determine the last word. The transform checks incoming string values and determines the 'last word' to be the word after the last occurrence of the given delimiter.

Adding a last word transform

Step 1 In your process flow, access settings for your map shape:

Step 2 Select the add transform icon for the required mapping rule - for example:

Step 3 Click the add transform button:

Step 4 Click in the name field to access a list of all available transform functions, then select last word from the string category:

Step 5 In the delimiter field, enter the character that delimits elements in the string:

If you use any of the following characters, they should be escaped: . + * ? ^ $ ( ) [ ] { } | \ /

For example, a delimiter of * would be entered as:


A space is a valid character.

Step 6 Click the add field button:

Step 7 Click in source fields and select the source field to be used for this transform:

Step 8 Accept your changes:

Step 9 Save the transform. You'll notice that the transform icon is updated to indicate that a transform function is present for the mapping row - for example:

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