SparkLayer (prebuilt connector)


SparkLayer enables powerful B2B ordering on major eCommerce platforms.

API documentation

API documentation for SparkLayer (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:


When adding connector instances for SparkLayer, the following authentication methods are supported:

OAuth 2 (client credentials)

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using OAuth 2 (client credentials) authentication, the credentials below are prompted:



The required scope to define what access permissions should be given to Patchworks.

Client ID

The reference given when the Patchworks app was created for SparkLayer.

Client secret

The client secret which was issued when the Patchworks app was created for SparkLayer.

Environment name

Your SparkLayer environment.


Your SparkLayer site id.

Grant type

Set to client_credentials.

Response authentication token key

Set to access_token.

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