Creating a new team member to manage linked companies


If you are a multi-company profile user with permission to manage another linked company, you can add new team members to your own company profile. Once a user is added you can (if required) go on to grant them permission to manage other companies.

For a new user to manage linked companies, they must be assigned the manager role. To set this role, your own user account must be associated with the administrator role.

The steps

Step 1 Access team members for your own company profile.

You must be logged in with an administrator account to complete these steps.

Step 2 Click the create user button:

Step 3 Enter the person's name and email address:

The email address provided here is used to log into the Patchworks dashboard.

Step 4 Click the save button. The user account is saved and an email is sent to the given address, with a link for the user to set their password.

A password must be used with the user's email address in order to log into the Patchworks dashboard.

Step 5 The user roles tab is displayed and you'll see that the new account is created - by default, new accounts are created with a user role:

Permission to manage other companies can only be granted for team members with a manager role, so you need to assign this role now.

Step 6 Click the assign role button against the manager role:

If your user account isn't associated with an administrator role, you won't be able to make this change.

Step 7 Click the remove role button for the user role:

Step 8 When prompted, confirm this change.

Step 9 Save changes.

Step 10 If required, you can now go on to grant this user access to manage any companies that you currently manage.

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