Adding a new endpoint


Before a connector can be used (i.e. before instances of it can be added for use in process flows) you must add at least one endpoint. The steps and settings required will vary depending on which type of endpoint you're adding, and how you want it to behave - general steps can be found below.

Step 1 Click the add new endpoint button:

Step 2 You're prompted to enter a name, and to select an entity type:

...enter a name for this endpoint and select the appropriate entity type from the dropdown list:

The name is displayed to users when configuring connection shapes in process flows, so it's advisable to be as clear as possible about what this endpoint does. For example, an endpoint defined to retrieve all products might be named: 'List all products'.

The entity type is used to organise endpoints whenever they are displayed to users in process flows.

Step 3 Click the create button. Basic details are saved and the manage endpoint page is displayed:

This page is split into upper and lower panes - endpoint details at the top and endpoint setup in the lower panel.

Step 4 In the top endpoint details panel, use dropdown options to set the direction as required:

This determines the direction that data associated with this endpoint will flow:

  • Choose receive if you will be pulling (i.e. receiving) data for this endpoint - typically these endpoints are associated with a GET http method.

  • Choose send if you will be pushing (i.e. sending) data to this this endpoint - typically these endpoints are associated with PUT, POST, PATCH or DELETE http methods.

Step 5 Use the lower endpoint setup panel to update configuration options as required for the new endpoint - options are available over a series of 'metro stop' tabs:

These configuration options determine the experience your users will have when they choose to add a connection shape to a process flow and associate it with an instance of this connector, using this endpoint.

Step 6 Having completed all required configuration for this authentication method, click next to complete the setup. Your new connector is now available in the Patchworks marketplace, so users associated with your company profile can add instances of it.

Configuring an endpoint

For any endpoint, the following options are available:

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