Installing a connector


The Patchworks marketplace is a library of all Patchworks prebuilt connectors, together with any custom connectors that have been built by users in your own company, using the connector builder.

Steps below guide you through the process of installing a prebuilt connector from the Patchworks Marketplace.

Any custom connectors built with the connector builder are installed automatically once their setup is complete.

The steps

To install a prebuilt connector, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Log in to the Patchworks dashboard.

Step 2 Select process flows > connectors & instances to access the manage connectors page.

Step 3 Click the add new connector button:

...the Patchworks Marketplace is displayed:

Step 4 Browse or search the marketplace to find the required connector.

Step 5 Having found the required connector, click the associated install button - for example:

Step 6 The connector is installed and is now available from the manage connectors page. Now you can add required instances for use in process flows.

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