Updating an instance


Having added an instance, you can make changes to basic details and authentication details, at any time. If you update an instance that has already been used in process flows, your changes will be cascaded down to them automatically.

The steps

To update an existing instance for one of your installed connectors, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Log in to the Patchworks dashboard and select process flows > connectors & instances to access the manage connectors page.

Step 2 Find the required connector and instance.

If you can't find the connector here, it means the connector is not installed. In this case, navigate to the Patchworks marketplace and install the required connector.

Step 3 Click the 'cog' icon associated with the instance that you want to update - for example:

Step 4 The instance settings page is displayed - from here you can view/update instance details:

...and view/update authentication details:

If you update authentication fields, credentials are checked - only valid credentials can be saved.

Please see Adding an instance for more information about these fields.

Step 5 Click the save instance details button to confirm any changes:

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