Initialising a process flow manually


Typically, process flows will run on an automated basis, as per trigger shape settings. However, there may be times when you want to run a flow immediately - for example, if you're testing a new flow, or troubleshooting a sync issue.

When you run a process flow manually, you'll see each shape animate as it's reached, with real-time logs displayed in a side panel.

Before running a process flow manually, make sure that you won't be duplicating data, or causing duplication next time the process flow runs according to trigger settings.

Need to know

There is a limit on the number of process flow runs that can be started per minute. This limit varies according to your subscription tier - please see Core subscription tiers for information.

The steps

To run a process flow manually, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access the process flow that you want to run.

Step 2 Click the 'play' icon to initialise the process flow:

Step 3 The process flow runs. As it runs, you'll see that each shape animates as it's reached, and real-time logs are displayed - for example:

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