Working with field transformations


Field transformations can be defined to change the value of a data field pulled from a source system before it is sent to its target. A transformation is comprised of one or more functions.

This page explains how to add a new transformation for a field mapping, and how to remove functions and transformations.

For a summary of available transform functions please see the Field mapping transformation function reference section.

For information about adding a field transformation using a cross-reference lookup table, please see our cross-reference lookups section.

Adding a new transformation

To add a new transformation for a field mapping, you start by adding a new transformation and then build the required functions. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Access the required process flow and then edit the map shape to be updated with a transform:

Step 2 Find the mapping that you want to update, then click the transform icon (between source and target elements). For our example, we're going to add a prefix to the 'id' field:

Step 3 Click the add transform button:

Step 4 Use the select a function field to choose the type of function that you need to use (functions are organised by type):

Step 5 Depending on the type of function you select, additional fields are displayed for you to complete. Update these as required - for our example we're adding some text to be added as a prefix:

Step 6 Now we need to confirm which source field this transform field should be applied for - click the add field button:

Step 7 Select the required field:

In straightforward scenarios, this will typically be the same source field as defined for the mapping row. However, more complex scenarios may prompt multiple options here - for example, if you apply multiple transforms to the same mapping.

Step 8 Accept your changes.

Step 9 Add more fields if necessary.

Step 10 When you're satisfied that all required fields have been added, accept changes and then save the shape settings.

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