Brightpearl (prebuilt connector)


Brightpearl is a Retail Operating System (ROS) for retailers and wholesalers.

API documentation

API documentation for Brightpearl (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:


When adding connector instances for Brightpearl, the following authentication methods are supported:

OAuth 2 (authorisation code)

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using OAuth 2 (authorisation code) authentication, the credentials below are prompted:


Data center

The data centre associated with your Brightpearl account. Typically this forms the first element of the URL that you use to access your Brightpearl account - for example: Here, euw1 is the data center value.


The Brightpearl account that Patchworks needs to access.

State length

If you have been given a state length, enter it here. This is a numeric value which determines the length of a random string generated (behind the scenes) during the OAuth process, for verification purposes.


Enter the required scope to define what access permissions should be given to Patchworks.

Client ID

The reference given when the Patchworks app was created in Brightpearl.


The client secret which was issued when the Patchworks app was created in Brightpearl.

Response authentication token key

Set to access_token.

Grant type

Set to authorization_code.

Response type key

Set to code.

Dashboard OAuth callback URL

For our production environment set to:

For our staging environment set to:

Client type

Set to confidential

OAuth authorised code (advanced)

This is an advanced setting that's used internally - under normal circumstances it should not need to be updated.

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