Removing an existing event connector

This is preview documentation for a feature that's scheduled in an upcoming release.


Existing event connectors can be removed at any time. Before doing this, please consider the Need to know points detailed below.

Need to know

  • When an event connector is removed, it means that it's no longer available for use as a trigger in process flows - there's no effect on any associated queues/topics within your message broker.

  • If you remove an event connector that has been configured as a trigger in process flows, it is detached from those trigger shapes, automatically.

The steps

To remove an existing event connector, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access your existing event connectors.

Step 2 Click the name of the event connector that you want to remove - for example:

Step 3 Click the 'trash' icon at the top of the general settings page:

Step 4 When prompted, confirm this action.

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