Accessing scripts


Having selected the scripts option from the left-hand navigation menu, the scripts page is displayed:

This page is split into two panels:

  • Installed. Lists all scripts that you have added, or installed from the marketplace.

  • Marketplace. Lists all Patchworks scripts that you have not yet installed.

Installing a custom script

Patchworks provides a range of scripts which you can install and use as-is, or take as a starting point for developing your own script. These are available from the lower script marketplace panel. To install a script, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Click the install button associated with the script that you want to use - for example:

Step 2 The script installs and is added to the upper installed section:

As part of the installation procedure, the script is deployed. This means that it's ready for use straight away.

You can now use the script as-is, or make your own changes and deploy the script again once it's ready.

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