Process flow not running


A process flow has been triggered (either manually, or via a trigger schedule, API call or webhook) but it's not running.


  • A process flow must be both deployed AND enabled to run according to its trigger shape settings.

  • When a process flow is triggered to run it is placed in a queue for processing as soon as possible. Sometimes the run will happen immediately but other times there may be a short wait, depending on how many jobs are running at the time.


  • Check which version of the process flow is deployed - does it include the correct trigger shape settings? If not, you may have a draft version waiting to be deployed - or you may need to update and deploy a new draft.

  • Check that the process flow is enabled.

  • Check your run queue for pending jobs. If you see an entry for this run then no action is required - it will be started as soon as possible. If you don't see a pending entry, check the run logs in case the job has already been completed.

  • If there is no associated entry in your queue or logs and your process flow is deployed & enabled, please contact Patchworks support for assistance.

Further information

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