Uploading cross-reference lookups to your private marketplace


Having created and saved a cross-reference lookup, you can upload it to the cross-reference lookups section of your private marketplace. This guide walks through the steps needed to achieve this.

You only need to upload a cross-reference lookup to your private marketplace if you want to make it available for your users (and your linked company users) to download as a standalone resource.

If you just want to include the cross-reference lookup in a process flow or an app, you don't need to upload it separately - please see Uploading process flows to your private marketplace or Uploading apps to your private marketplace.

The steps

Step 1 Login to the Patchworks dashboard - make sure that you're switched to your own 'parent' company profile (rather than a 'child' company that you manage).

Step 2 From the left-hand navigation menu, select the cross-reference lookups option - all of your cross-reference lookups are listed.

Step 3 Click the name of the lookup that you want to upload, to access details, then click the upload button:

If you don't see an upload option, it's likely that your user account does not have the required permissions. Please contact Patchworks support if this is the case.

Step 4 The upload is queued for processing and will be completed as soon as possible. Check your notification centre for confirmation if you miss the popup message when this is done:

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