Viewing linked companies for your multi-company profile


When you choose to switch into a managed company you will see a managed companies list which shows all companies that are linked to your profile.

However, if your user account has not been granted explicit access to manage companies, the 'switch' option won't be available for you to use. In this case, you can access the managed companies list via Patchworks settings, as shown below.

Need to know

The steps

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard using your own Patchworks credentials and ensure that you are switched into your own company profile.

Step 2 Click the settings option at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar:

Step 3 Select the managed companies option:

If you don't see this option it means that your user account does not have the required manager role. In this case, someone in your organisation with an administrator role can assign it to you.

Step 4 All linked companies for your organisation are shown:

If you have been granted permission to manage a linked company, you'll see an icon in the 'switch' column - you can use this to switch into the associated company now. If no icon is shown it means that you have not been granted access to manage this company.

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