Run process flow shape


The run flow shape is used to call one process flow from another, so you can run process flows in a chain. For example, you might have a process flow that receives data from a webhook, applies filters and then hits a run flow shape to call another flow with that data.

Default behaviour is for the payload from the end of the calling process flow to be sent into the called process flow for onward processing. However, when configuring a run flow shape you have the option to add a manual payload - in this case, your manual payload will be sent into the called process flow.

The run flow shape also allows you to choose whether any variables associated with the called process flow should be applied.

Need to know

  • If you don't configure a manual payload in the run flow shape, the final payload from the calling process flow is always sent into the called process flow.

  • When a payload is passed to a 'child' process flow, meta variables are included.

  • A process flow can only be called from a if it is enabled and deployed.

  • The deployed version of a process flow is always used.

  • You cannot create a recursive process flow loop - for example, if Process Flow A calls Process Flow B, you cannot then call Process Flow A from Process Flow B.

Adding & configuring a run flow shape

Step 1 In your process flow, add the run flow shape in the usual way:

Step 2 Click in the flow field and select the process flow that you want to call/run:

You'll only see enabled & deployed process flows here.

Step 3 If your selected process flow is associated with any process variables, these are shown - you can choose to enable or disable these:

Step 4 If you want to pass a manual payload into this process flow, toggle the specify payload manually option ON and paste the required payload into supplied payload field:

The manual payload can be any format - JSON, XML, plain text, etc.

Step 5 Save the shape.

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