Working with data pools


Data pools are added and managed via the data pools option in general settings. From here you add a new data pool, or view/update an existing data pool. For more background information on data pools please see our De-dupe shape page.

Need to know

Tracked de-dupe data is retained for 90 days after it's added to a data pool.

Adding a data pool

De-dupe data pools can be created in two ways:

Viewing & updating data pools

You can access existing data pools from general settings.

Step 1 Select the settings option from the bottom of the dashboard navigation bar:

Step 2 Select data pools:

...all existing data pools are displayed:

For each data pool you can see the creation date, and the data that it was last updated by a process flow run.

Step 3 To view details for a specific data pool, click the associated name in the list:

...details for the data pool are displayed:

In the top panel you can change the data pool name/description (click the update button to confirm changes) or - if the data pool is not currently in use by a process flow - you can choose to delete it.

In the lower panel you can see all data in the pool. This data is listed with the most recent entries first - the following details are shown:



Created by

The name of the process flow where this entry was tracked into the data pool. Click this name to open the associated process flow.

Updated at

The date and time that the record was added to the pool (UTC time).

Last updated