Process flow timeout retrieving large payload


A process flow run fails and shows a 'timeout' error in the logs. For example:

Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received


Connection shapes are associated with a timeout option, with a default setting based on the underlying third-party system. Typically there's no need to change the default setting but if the payload being pulled/pushed is particularly large and you receive a timeout error, increasing the timeout setting may resolve the issue.


Step 1 Access the required process flow.

Step 2 Click the settings icon for the connection shape that is giving a timeout error:

Step 3 Look for the timeout field and increase the existing value.

We suggest increasing the existing value by +20 seconds.

Step 4 Save changes.

Step 5 Check the logs next time this process flow runs. If the timeout error is repeated, adjust this setting again. If the issue persists having increased the timeout, please contact Patchworks support for further assistance.

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