Adding & configuring a de-dupe shape


The de-dupe shape is used to identify and then remove duplicate entries from an incoming payload. For more background information please see our De-dupe shape page.

Need to know

Tracked de-dupe data is retained for 90 days after it's added to a data pool.

Currently, the de-dupe shape supports JSON payloads only.

Adding a de-dupe shape

To add and configure a new de-dupe shape, follow the steps below.

Step 1 In your process flow, add the de-dupe shape in the usual way:

Step 2 Select a source integration and endpoint to determine where the incoming payload to be de-duped originates - for example:

If your incoming data is via manual payload, inbound API or webhook then you can remove any default source instance and endpoint selections:

Step 3 Move down to the behaviour field and select the required option.

For more information about these options please see our De-dupe shape behaviour section.

Step 4 Move down to the data pool field and select the required data pool.

If necessary, you can create a data pool 'on the fly' using the create data pool option. For more information please see Adding a new data pool via the de-dupe shape.

Step 5 In the key field, select/enter the data field to be used for matching duplicate records. How you do this depends on how the incoming data is being received - please see the options below:

The selection that you make here determines how the payload is adjusted when duplicate data is removed. For more information please see How duplicate data is handled.

Step 5 Select the payload format:

Step 6 Save the shape.

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