Adding a new authentication method


The connector builder supports a range of authentication types. Before a connector can be used (i.e. before instances of it can be added for use in process flows) you must add at least one authentication method for your connector.

The steps and settings required will vary depending on which authentication type you choose to configure, but the general process is straightforward.

Please refer to your API documentation for specific authentication requirements for your own third-party application.

What you need to do

General steps are provided below, with links to detailed guidance for each of our supported authentication types.

Step 1 Click the add new authentication method button:

Step 2 You're prompted to enter some basic details for this authentication method:

Complete these details using the table below as a guide:


Enter a name

Enter the name to be displayed for this connector throughout Patchworks.

Select authentication type

Use the dropdown list to select the required authentication type. The selection made here determines subsequent settings and default options.

Step 3 Click the create button to confirm your updates. Basic details are saved and additional setup options are displayed over a series of 'metro stop' tabs - for example:

Step 4 Step through each tab and set configuration options as appropriate for your chosen authentication method.

Configuring an authentication method

For any authentication method, the following configuration options are available:

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