Cybertill post-request script


Having installed the Cybertill connector, some setup is required before it can be used. You must:

Once this setup is complete, you can add instances for use in process flows.

Stage 1: Creating a post-request script

A post-request script is required to generate an authentication token from the given instance credentials. Follow the steps below to create this script.

Step 1 From the Patchworks dashboard, select scripts from the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 2 Click the create script button:

Step 3 In the name field, type the following:

Cybertill Post-Request Script

Step 4 In the description field, type the following:

Cybertill Auth Token Generator - Post Script

Step 5 Click in the language field and select PHP 8.1:

Step 6 Click the create button.

Step 7 The script is created and opened in edit mode - select and remove any placeholder code:

Step 8 Paste in the code below.

Step 9 Click the save and deploy button:

Step 10 Click the scripts element of the breadcrumb trail to exit back to your list of scripts and go to the next stage:

Stage 2: Applying the post-request script

Step 1 From the Patchworks dashboard, select connectors and instances from the left-hand navigation menu to access your installed connectors.

Step 2 Find your Cybertill connector and click the settings icon.

Step 3 Click the authentication option:

Step 4 Select the SOAP authentication method:

Step 5 In the lower panel, select the post-request script tab:

Step 6 Click in the select script field and select your Cybertill Post-Request Script:

Step 7 Select the latest version:

Step 8 Save changes:

Step 9 You can now add instances of this connector for use in process flows.

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