Removing an instance


If an instance is no longer required, you can remove it from your manage connectors page.

Before you can remove connector instances, you may need to complete some housekeeping. An instance cannot be removed if it's currently configured in any process flows (irrespective of whether the process flows are enabled or disabled). If the instances that you need to remove are used in any process flow connection shapes, these shapes need to be reconfigured or removed first.

The steps

Step 1 Log in to the Patchworks dashboard and select process flows > connectors & instances to access the manage connectors page.

Step 2 Find the required connector and instance.

Step 3 Click the settings 'cog' icon associated with the instance that you want to remove - for example:

Step 3 Click the 'trash' icon:

Step 4 When prompted, type confirm to confirm that you wish to proceed:

Step 5 If this instance is found to be configured in any process flows, you'll be prompted to update these before trying again. Otherwise, the instance is removed immediately.

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