Loading all cached data from a static cache key


This approach is the simplest - all incoming data is cached with a static cache key.

How it works

In the example below, all incoming customer records will be added to a cache named ALLcustomers and a static cache key named customers:

When the data is cached, it's likely that the cache will include multiple records - for example:

To retrieve this cache, we simply drop a load from cache shape where required in the process flow and specify the same cache and cache key that were defined in the corresponding add to cache shape:

Load a single, targeted item from a dynamic cache key

This approach assumes The load from cache shape works as normal to retrieve cached data where the cache was created with a payload variable - you choose the cache name and key to be loaded:

However, the important point to consider is that the cache key that you specify here will have been generated from the payload variable that was specified when the cache was created.

If a payload variable has been used to cache data, you would typically have included a flow control shape to create multiple payloads - for example:

So you will have multiple cache keys that can be loaded. To do this, you can add one load from cache shape for every cache key that you want to retrieve, specifying the required key in each case. For example:

Alternatively, you can add a single load from cache shape and target specific cache keys by passing in the required ids.

Load multiple, targeted items from a dynamic cache key

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