Descartes Peoplevox (prebuilt connector)


Descartes Peoplevox is the Warehouse Management System for eCommerce businesses, online retailers and direct to consumer brands.

API documentation

API documentation for Peoplevox (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:


When adding connector instances for Peoplevox, the following authentication methods are supported:

SOAP request authentication

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using SOAP request authentication, the credentials below are prompted:



The username that you enter to access the Peoplevox dashboard.

Client ID

Available from the Peoplevox dashboard.


The password that you enter to access the Peoplevox dashboard.


This is the URL (without the https prefix) that you use to access Peoplevox. Typically this is

Response authentication token key

Leave set to the default: //ns:Detail

Required Additional setup

SetData script

Before this connector can be used as a target connection in process flows, you must create a setData script.

Having completed this setup, the Peoplevox connector is ready to use.

Pre-authentication script

If you are connecting to a US region, you might need to update the default pre-authentication script for the installed connector. For information, please see Peoplevox pre & post authentication scripts page.

Using the Peoplevox connector in process flows

The Peoplevox connector is like any other Patchworks connector - it gets added to process flows via a connection shape.

However, if you build a process flow with Peoplevox as a target connection, you must add a custom script shape and apply the setData script immediately before the target connection shape. For more information please see: Using the Peoplevox setData script in process flows.

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