Configuring No Auth authentication


This page walks through the steps required to configure no auth authentication for a connector.

The Steps

Step 1 Log in to the Patchworks dashboard and navigate to process flows > connectors & instances, where all of your installed connectors are shown. From here, access settings for the connector that you need to update with a new authentication method - for example:

If you're building a new connector, you can pick up these steps when you reach the authentication section of the connector builder.

Step 2 Access authentication details:

Step 3 Click the add new authentication method button:

Step 4 Complete basic details for this authentication method - ensure that you set the authentication type to no auth (public) - for example:

Step 5 You don't need to add any settings under authentication setup - although if you want users to provide variable values when they add instances for this connector, or pass in header/body content, etc. then you can update these tabs:

Step 6 Save changes.

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