Duplicating a process flow between linked companies


If you are managing multiple linked companies, copying process flows between them can be very useful. In this case, the duplicate process flow procedure is slightly different.

Need to know

  • You can only copy a process flow to companies that you have been granted permission to access.

  • All shapes are copied but some shapes require reconfiguration in the receiving company - reconfiguration requirements can be different when duplicating between companies. Please see our Shape configuration in a duplicated process flow page.

  • Existing labels are duplicated (which means they are created automatically in the receiving company).

  • The status of the duplicated flow is always set to disabled.

  • The version of the duplicated flow is always set to draft.

The steps

Step 1 Access the process flow that you want to duplicate.

Step 2 Click the 'cog' icon to access flow settings:

Step 3 Click the ellipses that's associated with the version that you want to duplicate:

Step 4 Select the duplicate flow option:

Step 5 When prompted, choose copy to other company:

Step 6 Search for the required company profile, or browse all company profiles that you manage - for example - for example:

The list of company profiles includes all profiles that you have permission to manage, and your own agency/partner profile.

Step 7 Having selected a company profile, click the duplicate button to complete this operation:

The duplicated process flow is copied into the manage process flows area for the selected company profile. This may take a moment to complete and you'll see a message when the process flow is ready.

Step 8 Switch into the managed company and edit the process flow. Check all shapes to see if any reconfiguration is required. If a shape includes options that cannot be duplicated, it's displayed with a warning icon - for example:

For general information about agency/partner linked companies please see our Linked company profiles section.

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