Any key pairs added to the body tab are passed into the request body for authentication requests - for example:

By adding these as key pairs to the body, we pass any values provided for these fields in the authentication request body.

In this example, we need to pass a number of credentials for OAuth 2 authorisation into the body. Notice that the values in this example are defined as variables. We've already defined auth variables for these items, which means users will be prompted to enter these details when adding an instance of this connector for use in process flows. So, required body parameter values will use values that users have provided when the instance being used was created.

Please refer to the authentication section of your your API documentation for specific guidance about what (if any) values need to be passed in the authentication body.

Adding body parameters

Body parameters are added as key pairs. To add a body parameter, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the add new required body parameter button:

Step 2: Complete key pair details as required and save changes - for example:

The add option page is the same for all types of parameters that you may encounter in the connector builder. For information about these options please see the Working with parameters page.

For guidance on configuring parameters for specific authentication types, please see our Supported authentication types section.

Editing & removing body parameters

Body parameters are standard key pairs - techniques for working with these parameters are the same as those for working with header parameters, URL parameters, etc. For more information about these techniques, please see the Working with parameters page.

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