Removing a message queue/topic

This is preview documentation for a feature that's scheduled in an upcoming release.


Existing message queues/topics can be removed at any time. Before doing this, please consider the Need to know points detailed below.

Need to know

  • When a queue/topic is removed from an event connector, it is detached from any process flow trigger shapes where it has been selected for that specific event connector (broker).

  • There's no effect on any other event connectors or process flow trigger shapes which are using the same queue.

The steps

To remove an existing queue/topic for an event connector, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access your existing event connectors.

Step 2 Click the name of the event connector that you want to update - for example:

Step 3 Select the queues/topics option at the top of the page:

Step 4 Click the name of the queue that you want to remove:

Step 5 Click the 'trash' icon at the top of the page:

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