Uploading scripts to your private marketplace


Having saved and deployed a custom script, you can upload it to the scripts section of your private marketplace. This guide walks through the steps needed to achieve this.

You only need to upload a script to your private marketplace if you want to make it available for your users (and your linked company users) to download as a standalone resource.

If you just want to include the script in a process flow or an app, you don't need to upload it separately - please see Uploading process flows to your private marketplace or Uploading apps to your private marketplace.


Ensure that the script that you want to upload is saved and deployed.

The steps

Step 1 Login to the Patchworks dashboard - make sure that you're switched to your own 'parent' company profile (rather than a 'child' company that you manage).

Step 2 From the left-hand navigation menu, select process flows | scripts options - all of your custom scripts are listed.

Step 3 Find the script that you want to upload - it should have a deployed status:

Step 4 Click the name of the script to access script details, then click the upload button:

You'll only see this option for a deployed script. If you are checking a deployed version and this option isn't shown, it's likely that your user account does not have the required permissions. Please contact Patchworks support if this is the case.

Step 5 The upload is queued for processing and will be completed as soon as possible. Check your notification centre for confirmation if you miss the popup message when this is done:

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