Octopus Energy (prebuilt connector)


Octopus Energy Group is a British renewable energy group specialising in sustainable energy. The Octopus Energy REST API enables customers and partners to interact with their platform - for example, to retrieve details about a UK gas or electricity meter-point.

API documentation

API documentation for Octopus Energy (used to build this connector) is available via your Octopia sandbox, via the link below:


When adding connector instances for Octopus Energy, the following authentication methods are supported:

API key authentication

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using API key authentication, the credentials below are prompted:


api key

API keys are generated via the Octopus Energy dashboard.


The electricity meter-point’s MPAN.


The gas meter-point’s MPAN.

Gas meter serial number

The gas meter serial number.

Electric meter serial number

The gas meter serial number.

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