Replace transform function


The replace transform function is used to replace an existing source string value with either:

  • An alternative string value

  • An empty value

Adding a replace transform

Step 1 In your process flow, access settings for your map shape:

Step 2 Select the add transform button for the required mapping rule - for example:

Step 3 Click the add transform button:

Step 4 Click in the name field to access a list of all available transform functions, then select replace from the string category:

Step 5 Update search and replace fields with your required values:

For the replace field, you can enter another string or leave the field blank to replace the source with an empty value.

Step 6 Click the add field button:

Step 7 Click in source fields and select the source field to be used for this transform:

Step 8 Accept your changes (twice).

Step 9 Save the transform. You'll notice that the transform icon is updated to indicate that a transform function is present for the mapping row - for example:

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