2023 06 26 release notes (core)


Today we're excited to launch a suite of features which herald an entirely new way of creating and managing data flows in the Patchworks dashboard:

This suite of features is known as Core.

Process flows

Process flows are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to define smart, flexible flows to exchange data between connector instances.

Process flows are built by dragging and dropping shapes onto a canvas, and then configuring those shapes to work in the way you need. Please take a look at our Patchworks quickstart guide to get your bearings, and then navigate to the process flows section of this documentation for more detailed information.

Patchworks marketplace

The Patchworks marketplace includes a range of prebuilt connectors for third-party systems, ready for you to install. Having installed a connector, you can create instances of it with your own credentials for the underlying third-party application, and then add these instances as process flow connections.

Connector builder

With Patchworks, you can configure and connect any of our prebuilt connectors in process flows.

But what if we don't have a prebuilt connector for an application that you need to sync? Maybe you have a bespoke, in-house system - or perhaps you want to integrate an application that's completely outside of the eCommerce arena. No problem - the Patchworks connector builder is your new best friend!

If you have technical knowledge of APIs and working with data structures, you can use the connector builder to integrate any application with REST or SOAP APIs.

Upgrading to core

If you registered for a Patchworks account before July 2023, you'll be familiar with using services to sync data between systems. Process flows include all the functionality of services and much more.

You can continue to do this but if you'd like to try process flows, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or reach out to [email protected].

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