2024 06 12 release notes (core)

Release summary

This page summarises items scheduled for the following release to the Patchworks Production environment:

Patchworks core (backend)

Release version Release date


12th June 2024 @ 8am

Patchworks dashboard (frontend)

Release version Release date


12th June 2024 @ 8am

New features, updates, and enhancements of note are summarised by product area, below:

Process flows

TypeSummaryRef #

Add custom names to shapes in a process flow It's now possible to specify your own name for any shape that you add to a draft process flow.



Cast to boolean transform function A new other > cast to boolean transform function is available. This transform allows you to define specific overrides for values that are set to true or false.



Map shape - wrap payload The map shape wrap payload has been enhanced - there are now two toggle options which can be set separately or together:

  • wrap input payload ON. Wraps the incoming payload in an array [ ] for processing within the map shape only.

  • wrap output payload ON. Wraps the outgoing payload in an array [ ] for onward processing.



Run queue page improvements The queue page for pending runs has been improved so only key information is displayed. For each pending run you can now see:

  • Process flow name (hyperlinked)

  • Trigger

  • Queued at time



Flow retry option uses queued time The retry failed process flow option has been enhanced to work better with queues.

When the retry option is used for a failed process flow run, the flow runs immediately, using the current time to calculate any relative date filters and settings defined in the flow.



Connector shape - endpoint filters

Fixed issue where connector shape filters may not update as expected if the source/endpoint is changed.


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