Sage 200 (prebuilt connector)


Sage 200 is a set of accountancy and management products developed by Sage Group aimed at medium-sized enterprises.

API documentation

API documentation for Sage 200 (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:


When adding connector instances for Sage 200, the following authentication methods are supported:

OAuth 2 (authorisation code)

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using OAuth 2 (authorisation code) authentication, the credentials below are prompted:


State length

This is a numeric value which determines the length of a random string generated (behind the scenes) during the OAuth process, for verification purposes. Our suggested setting is 10.


Set to readonly or full_access. For more information see this Sage guide.

Client ID & Client secret

These credentials allow Patchworks to authenticate and interact with Sage 200. Credentials are provided by Sage, upon request. For more information see this Sage guide.

Subscription key

Subscription keys are required to allow API access to data in Sage products. These keys are generated in the Sage Developer Portal, by subscribing to a product - in this case you would subscribe to Sage 200. For more information see this Sage guide.

X-Company& X-Site

These are unique identifiers for your company and specific site(s) within Sage 200. Including these IDs ensures that requests are routed to the right company and site. To retrieve this information from Sage, please refer this Sage community topic.

OAuth Authorised Code

This advanced setting is not required for general use.

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