Manual payload shape


You can use the manual payload shape to define a static payload to be used for onward processing. For example, you might define an email template that gets pushed into an email connection, or you might want to test a process flow for a connector that's currently being built by your development team.

Need to know

The maximum number of characters for a single payload is 100k. Anything larger than this may cause the process flow to fail.

Accessing manual payload shape settings

To view/update the settings for an existing manual payload shape, click the associated 'cog' icon:

This opens the options panel - for example:

Configuring settings for a new manual payload shape

To configure a manual payload shape, all you need to do is paste the required payload and save the shape for example:

A manual payload shape can only be saved if a payload is present. If you add a manual payload shape but don't have the required payload immediately to hand, you can just enter {}and save.

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