Initialising a process flow manually with a payload


The initialise flow with payload option can be used if you want to run a process flow immediately with a given payload, in a single operation - it's particularly useful if you are sending data into Patchworks via the inbound API or a webhook, and need to test a process flow with specific data.

Before initialising a process flow manually, make sure that you won't be duplicating data, or causing duplication next time the process flow runs according to trigger settings.

Need to know

The maximum number of characters for a single payload is 100k. Anything larger than this may cause the process flow to fail.

The steps

To initialise a process flow manually with a payload, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access the process flow that you want to run.

Step 2 Click the initialise flow with payload option from the toolbar:

Step 3 A payload window is displayed: you can paste in the required payload and initialise the flow:

If required, you can also choose to pass in a flow variable value. Any existing flow variables are displayed - to make a change, toggle the variable field ON and update the value as needed:

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