Duplicating a process flow


If you need to create a new process flow that's similar to one that already exists, you can duplicate the existing process flow and use this as a starting point for your new design.

The duplicate option is available from process flow settings so you can copy a specific version. When a process flow is duplicated, a copy is added to your list of process flows with the same name, appended with an incremented copy number.

If you are a Patchworks partner/agency, you can duplicate process flows between different company profiles.

Need to know

  • The status of the duplicated flow is always set to disabled.

  • The version of the duplicated flow is always set to draft.

  • Existing labels are duplicated (which means they are created automatically in the receiving company).

  • All shapes are copied but some shapes require reconfiguration in the receiving company - please see our Shape configuration in a duplicated process flow page.

The steps

To duplicate a process flow, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access the process flow that you want to duplicate.

Step 2 Click the 'cog' icon to access flow settings:

Step 3 Click the ellipses that's associated with the version that you want to duplicate:

Step 4 Select the duplicate flow option:

Step 5 When prompted, click the duplicate button to confirm:

Step 6 A new process flow is added to your manage process flows page, ready for you to rename and edit as required:

A duplicated flow is created with the same name as the original, appended with an incremental number.

Step 7 Check shapes in the process flow to see if any reconfiguration is required. If a shape includes options that cannot be duplicated, it's displayed with a warning icon - for example:

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