Adding a cross-reference lookup


If you have your own set of data values that you want to cross-reference, you can add your own cross-reference lookup. Once added, you can use it in field mapping transformations.

If required, cross-reference lookups can also be updated via the Patchworks API. For more information please see our Cross-reference lookup API section.

The steps

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard, then select process flows ~ cross-reference lookups from the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 2 Click the create cross-reference lookup button:

Step 3 Enter basic details for this lookup:



Enter a name by which this lookup will be identified throughout Patchworks.


Provide a bit more detail to help users understand what this lookup includes.


Set a fallback value to be used when this lookup is used for field transformations and the associated field has a value that can't be found in the set of values for this lookup.

Step 4 Click the create button to confirm these details. The new lookup is created and you're ready to add your required values.

Step 5 Click the create value button:

Step 6 Enter details for your first value:



Enter the 'left side' of the value mapping - i.e. the value to be converted.


Enter the 'right side' of the value mapping - i.e. the converted value.

You can include special characters when defining lookup values.

Step 7 Click the create button to save this entry.

Step 8 Add more values as needed.

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