2023 03 31 release notes (dashboard)


This page summarises release information for Patchworks releases to Production during March 2023.

New features

NetSuite concurrent processing

When syncing sales orders into NetSuite, options are now available to utilise NetSuite's concurrent processing functionality for improved throughput speed.

This is achieved using new , which are available within service destination settings: /

These options are only displayed when NetSuite is defined as the destination connector and sales orders are the entity being synced.

When these options are set together, multiple, concurrent requests are sent to the NetSuite API and then processed by NetSuite concurrently.

For further information please see our NetSuite concurrency page.

Updated features

Create service navigates to canvas

When a service is created, you are immediately directed to the service canvas page. From here, you can see a visual representation of the service flow and access key options:

Run service tab is always displayed

Options on the run service tab can be used to run an active service manually. Previously, this tab was hidden for inactive services. Now, this tab is always visible however, it is greyed out for inactive services:

Unique ID field removed from run service tab (K8s implementations only)

For those Patchworks customers who have been migrated to our Kubernetes infrastructure, the filter by unique ID field has been removed from the run service tab. If you need to run a service for specific entity IDs, you should add an IDs filter - for example:

Custom script activity & payloads added to service logs

Detailed service logs have been updated to include a custom scripts log section. If a payload-level custom script is associated with a service, activity relating to the script is shown here. For example:

If the service was run manually and you opted to download custom script payload (or any other type of payload) a link to the generated file(s) will be available in this log information. For example:

This link can be accessed using a GET API request, authenticated with a Patchworks token. All download links expire 24 hours after the service run has completed.

For further information please see our viewing logs for custom script activity page.

Bug fixes

Affected featureSummaryPatchworks #

Field mappings

Fixed issue where it was not possible to add a transform function to locked rows. Now, source/destination fields are locked but transform functions can be added.


Transform editor

Fixed issue where the transform editor was not displaying correctly.


Connector status

Fixed issue where connector status incorrectly showed 'authorisation failed' for connectors authorised with oAuth.


Field mapping UI

Fixed issue where field mappings without a source but with a transform were displayed with a red border (incorrectly indicating that a source field is required).


Advanced editor

Fixed issue where users with the advanced editor role may not be able to save service source/destination changes.


Run service

Fixed issue where download custom script payload options were cleared too early.


Transform editor

Fixed issue where unable to save a transform which runs a field-level custom script.


Custom scripts

Fixed issue where payloads larger than 100kb returned a 500 exception. The maximum size for a script is now 100MB.


Run service

Fixed issue where specifying a unique ID could overwrite service filters.


Custom scripts

Fixed issue where unable to create a custom script longer than 5000 characters.


Service filters


New registration

Fixed issue where pressing enter rather continue to confirm password on registration logs into a previous session.


Manage users

Fixed user creation error.


Run service

Fixed issue where changes made to service destination options were not being applied to the run service tab.


Field mapping UI

Reinstated the ability to filter source/destination fields by a given value.


Service sync logs

Number of logs returned from database increased from 100 to 1000.


Run service filter options

Fixed issue where a specified ID may not persist for the run.


Run service

Fixed issue where remaining on the run service page after a run has completed could result in the page continually attempting to retrieve logs.


Detailed service logs

Fixed issue where logs displayed an error message if (legitimately) no custom script logs were found.


Transform editor

Fixed issue where a string type was not accepted for functions.


SFTP connector

Fixed issue where it was not possible to add a service with the Patchworks SFTP connector.


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