TikTok Shop (prebuilt connector)


TikTok Shop is an eCommerce solution integrated within TikTok, enabling merchants and creators to showcase and sell products for the TikTok community to discover and purchase directly through the TikTok app.

API documentation

TikTok Shop's API documentation (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:

TikTok custom app creation

Before installing the Patchworks TikTok connector, you need to create a custom 'Patchworks' app in the app & service section of your TikTok partner portal:

We advise naming your app 'Patchworks Integration' or similar. As part of the creation process you need to enable API and define a redirect URL:

Ensure that your redirect URL is set as follows:


Having created your custom app, an app Key and app secret will be available - add these to your password manager for later use in your Patchworks connector setup.


When adding connector instances for TikTok, the following authentication methods are supported:

TTS authentication

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using TTS auth authentication, the credentials below are prompted:


App key

Enter the key provided for your TikTok custom app.

App secret

Enter the secret provided for your TikTok custom app.

Advanced credentials

Advanced credentials should not need to be updated under typical circumstances.


OAuth authorised code

This setting is used internally - under normal circumstances it should not need to be updated.

Authentication URL

Endpoint URL

State length

This is a numeric value which determines the length of a random string generated (behind the scenes) during the OAuth process, for verification purposes. Our suggested setting is 15.

Response type key

Set to code.

Grant type

Set to authorization_code.

Response access token key

Set to data.access_token.

Response refresh token key

Set to data.refresh_token.

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