2024 05 01 release notes (core)

Release summary

The information detailed on this page refers to updates included in the following releases to the Patchworks Production environment:

Patchworks core (backend)

Release version Release date


1st May 2024

Patchworks dashboard (frontend)

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1st May 2024

New features, updates, and enhancements of note are summarised by product area, below:


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Custom script selection


Process flows

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Event connectors (BETA)

Event connectors can now be used to trigger process flows by listening for events that are published to message queues/topics by a message broker (e.g. RabbitMQ).





CPT-2800 CPT-2799


Dynamic dates now use flow run time

Some process flow steps (connectors, filters, set variables, transforms, etc.) can be configured to use dynamic/relative dates, where the date is relative to the time the process flow is initialised.

With the recent introduction of queues for process flow runs, all process flows are added to a queue when they are initialised (either by a defined trigger, or a manual run). This means that the time a flow is initialised is not the same as the time the flow actually runs - sometimes the run will be almost instant, but in busier periods there may be some minutes between starting and running a flow.

To prevent cases where records are missed because they were added between the time a flow was started and the time it actually ran, a new Use queued time process flow setting has been introduced. This allows you to choose whether any relative dates should be based on the time that the process flow is initialised or the time it is queued.



Transform functions - null values The default behaviour for transform functions has changed so that by default, if they are given null, they return null. Exceptions to this are:

  • Custom Dynamic Date. Returns the custom dynamic date set in the transform function.

  • Custom Static Date. Returns the custom static date set in the transform function.

  • Date Now. Returns the date now as the transform is run.

  • Custom Number. Returns the custom number set in the transform function.

  • Custom Boolean. Returns the custom boolean set in the transform function.

  • Fallback. Returns the custom fallback value set in the transform function.

  • Custom String. Returns the custom string set in the transform function.

  • Null Value. Returns null.



Process flow version update dates


Custom scripts

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SSH2 Extension



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Enforced MFA at company level If any company that a user is related to has MFA enabled, the user may not disable MFA. In this scenario, the Disable MFA option cannot be selected - instead, the user will see a message advising that MFA is enforced by their company.


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