Adding a new event connector

This is preview documentation for a feature that's scheduled in an upcoming release.


When adding a new event connector, you step through a series of wizard-type pages to add general settings, authentication credentials, and required queues/topics.

Need to know

  • New event connectors are available for selection as brokers in process flow trigger shapes as soon as they are saved successfully.

  • Event connector triggers only become active when the process flow is deployed and enabled.

  • ALL messages published to selected queues/topics are passed through to the process flow.

The steps

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard, then select process flows > event connectors from the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 2 Click the add new event connector button:

Step 3 You're prompted to enter general settings for this connector:

Use the table below as a guide:



Enter a name for the event connector, as it will identified throughout Patchworks.


Enter a description for the event connector to provide a little more detail about its purpose.


Enter the the address of the machine where your messaging broker (e.g. RabbitMQ) is running - typically this is an IP address or a domain name.


Enter the network port where RabbitMQ is listening for connections. RabbitMQ uses the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) for communication which, by default, listens on port 5672 for non-TLS connections and on port 5671 for TLS connections.


Select the appropriate protocol for your messaging broker.

Authentication method

Currently, basic auth is supported.

Step 4 Click the create button.

Step 5 Enter your authentication credentials for the message broker - in this case, username and password:

Step 6 Click the update button.

Step 7 Now you can select or add which message queue/topic to associate with this event connector:

Any existing queues are listed for selection, or you can add new queues/topics.

When you add a new queue/topic here, it is added to your message broker. You can add as many as you need - any queues/topics that you add will be available for selection when this event connector is selected as the broker in a process flow trigger shape.

Step 8 Having added all required queues/topics, the event connector is ready to use in process flows.

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