Split shape


The split shape is used to split-out a given element of a payload at a given data element. When you split data, the specified element (including any nested elements) is extracted for onward processing.

For example, your process flow might be pulling customer data from a source connection, but you need to send address details to a different endpoint. In this case, you'd use the route shape to create two different routes, mapping just customer data down one, and splitting out addresses for the other.

Adding & configuring a split shape

Step 1 In your process flow, add the split shape in the usual way:

Step 2 Select a source integration and endpoint to determine where the incoming payload to be split originates:

Step 3 Move down to the level to split section and use the dropdown data path to select the required data element to split - for example:

Remember - any data (including nested data) within the selected element will be split out into a new payload.

Step 4 If required, you can add a wrapper key. This wraps the entire payload in an element of the given name - for example:

...would wrap the payload as shown below:

Step 5 Save the shape.

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